The application of cooling and heating integrated equipment thermal cycle system in semiconductor industry

With the development of electronic products, customers pay more and nor attention to the decrease of price while improving the quality of products. In order to reduce the price of electronic products, the production cost of core ships should be reduced first.

The testing cost of semiconductor thermal cycle system is the main part of production cost. The cost of the test platform directly affects the test cost. After cleaning and testing the semiconductor thermal cycle system, the pre-oxygen sensor displayed the same value as before. The post-oxygen sensor display value changes at idle, indicating that the post-oxygen sensor has returned to normal. After the fault code is cleared, the OBD warning light extinguish.

The thermal cycle system used in semiconductor testing needs to solve different faults one by one. Through analysis, we conclude that the main causes of the fault of the semiconductor thermal cycle system are the blockage of the three-way catalytic converter, valve and piston top area carbon. Making ‘two cleat’ to clear the fault code. In this process, the OBD warning lamp of semiconductor thermal cycle system is lit, and the failure of engine acceleration is solved. By eliminating the fault, we concluded that in the future to meet the thermal cycle system semiconductor engine exhaust quality deterioration or damage of fire three-way catalysts, lead to OBD warning light point on or shiny. We should use the OBD system fault diagnosis to code and data flow, and repair the equipment, in order to improve the maintenance efficiency rate and lower maintenance costs for customers.

The merits of the chip are judged by testing the function through the thermal cycle system used in semiconductor test. If all the features are tested, the chip is a good product. If one does not pass, it is a defective product. Before testing this function, the semiconductor thermal cycle system opens the input and output channels on the chip through the test program, and input the sin wave with frequency of 1KHZ and amplitude of ±2V, and then collected and compared the output wave.

When purchasing thermal cycle system for semiconductor testing, users should consider its operating cost and choose a better way to greatly its testing cost.

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