Development prospect of temperature measurement and temperature control device in chip system

With the continuous development of my country’s technology, there has been great progress in the field of integrated circuits and chips. What is the prospect of temperature measurement and temperature control devices in chip systems?

Up to now, there has been a relatively complete industrial chain, including chip design and manufacturing, packaging and testing. In the process of continuous intensification of information technology, China’s integrated circuit industry has maintained a steady increase. However, due to the late start of integrated circuit chip testing, there are still many problems to be solved, and the quality of integrated circuit chip testing projects has been strengthened. Management can effectively promote the development of this field.

According to relevant data, the application ratio of temperature measurement and temperature control devices in the integrated circuit chip system in modern electronic machines has exceeded 25%, and testing them is a powerful tool for analyzing the defects of integrated circuits. , Which can effectively improve its yield. In the current development situation of China’s long-term sustained and stable economic growth, China’s integrated circuit industry has become a focus of the semiconductor industry. Under the advantages of huge markets and demand, low production costs and abundant human resources, It has played an important role in promoting the development of integrated circuits in China in recent years.

In the current stage of rapid development of integrated circuit chips, effective management of their quality can strengthen the overall quality progress in this field. There are some notable features in the process of project quality management, among which the main features are complexity, variability, irreversibility and systemic features. Among them, the complexity is mainly due to the fact that there are many influencing factors of this project, and there are many quality risks in the links experienced. This is the complexity of the management of integrated circuit chip test projects. In terms of variability, the project must be able to go from the planning stage to the final stage. Due to the different factors affecting the different stages, there will be some changes in quality management and content. The irreversible feature is that the quality management of this project has a one-time completion feature, so this requires that every link and element be more critical, and any errors will bring irreversible impact. The systematic characteristic is that when it is affected by other factors, it will also affect other goals.

In the process of project quality management of integrated circuit chips, it is necessary to comply with relevant principles, so that the efficiency of management can be effectively improved. To be able to adopt a systematic and open way to manage, in these principles, the principle of customer-centric and the principle of full participation, there are principles of process methods and principles of prevention.

The temperature measurement and temperature control devices in the chip system are not very popular in the industry. In the future, this will also become one of the emerging devices, with considerable development prospects.

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