How to solve the problem of slow temperature decrease in heating and cooling thermostat?

The heating and cooling thermostat is an integrated device that can both heating and cooling. It uses mechanical principles to quickly raise and lower the temperature. It not only raises and lowers the temperature quickly, but also has a large heating and cooling capacity. It is widely used in biology, chemical industry, stone, scientific research, medicine and other fields, providing a guarantee for the rapid development of various industries.

Sundi heating cooling systemsThe entire equipment is a fully enclosed system, and the equipment will not increase the pressure due to heating. It will adjust the heat transfer medium according to the temperature changes to make the entire equipment run smoothly. However, some unexpected failures will cause the temperature to change slowly. If this situation continues for a period of time, it will cause damage to the equipment, and even directly cause damage to the core components.

Although the heating and cooling thermostat has been accompanied by operating instructions, we still recommend to train users to use them. Users must be well trained to be competent in the increasingly complex system operations and the execution of strict experiments.

When the heating and cooling thermostat has a slow temperature decrease problem, you can wear gloves to touch the exhaust of the main unit compressor to see if the temperature of the exhaust pipe is not high, and then touch the suction pipe to see the suction Whether the gas pipeline is frosted, if these two points are met, the equipment lacks refrigerant, please refer to the operating manual that comes with the equipment to add refrigerant, and be sure to select a qualified refrigerant.

In addition to the problem of non-cooling caused by the refrigerant, there may also be problems with the equipment refrigeration system, sensor system, control system, one or more of them. You can turn off the device first and start the device to see if it can solve the problem. If not, please check each system in turn. Non-professionals should not open the device to avoid secondary damage. You can contact the manufacturer to solve the problem.

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