The using matters of LNEYA high efficiency chiller – reaction chiller

The operation of users must be understand carefully before using the reactor chiller. The necessary maintenance is very important for high efficiency chiller – reactor chiller.

Compressor is the important part of high efficiency chiller – reaction chiller. The refrigeration compressor used by LNEYA machine are high quality compressor, which awarded marks for the normal and stable running of high efficiency chiller – reaction chiller. It is safe and energy-saving, long service life. During normal use, the cooling effect is affected by grime or other impurities is unavoidable. Therefore, in order to extend toe application life of the main unit and achieve better refrigeration effect, timely maintenance should be done to ensure the operation effect of the reaction chiller and improve the production power.

After the using of the equipment will inevitably appear a variety of failures, we need to carefully check the operation of the mechanical components. For example, judging whether the operation of refrigeration system, electrical system, wind system and water system is normal. Check whether there are cracks, damage, frost and ice in the refrigeration system. Check whether the fuse of the electrical system is fusible, whether the insulation of the electrical wire is intact, whether the circuit board is cracked, whether the connection is fetch way and so on. Check whether air filter, the coil of heat exchanger and fin are dust accumulation excess, whether the air inlet and outlet are unobstructed, whether the fan and blade functioning is normal. Check the water system for leaks, whether the water inlet and outlet are unobstructed, whether the pump function is normal. Check whether the compressor of the reaction chiller is running normally and whether the noise of the fan is too large. The equipment operates under normal environment with slight vibration and low noise. Regularly check whether the voltage and current flow are stable and whether the sound of the compressor is normal. When the reaction chiller is in normal use, it is normal when the voltage is 380V and the current is within the range of 11A~15A。

Punctuality check whether the refrigerant is leaking. It can be judged by referring to the emerging parameters of the high and low pressure on the side panel of the host. The chiller needs be cleaned every six months. When not in use, the circuit switches of water pumps, compressors and cooling water towers should be turned off.

The maintenance rules of reaction chiller are relatively much more. It is important to carry out the necessary maintenance.

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