Operation mode of refrigeration and heating system

Refrigeration and heating system  is the use of electric energy into heat energy equipment, a wide range of work, for pharmaceutical, cheimcalm biological and other industries of equipment to provide constant temperature cold source and heat source. It can also be used for heating and cooling of other equipment. The temperature control range is wide, and the whole process does not need to replace the heat conduction medium, and the heat conductiion medium consumption is less. Fully closed circulation system, heat conduction fluid at high temperature is not easy to volatilize and oxidation, low temperature is not easy to absorb water in the air, can extend the service life of heat conduxtion fluid, high temperature cooling, refrigeration function, can be directly cooled from high temperature.

Refrigeration heating system is heated in the object directly generated heat, so the thermal efficiency is high, the heating speed is fast, and according to the heating process requirements, to chaieve the overall uniform heating or local add, easy to achieve vacuum heating and control the atmoshpere heating. Therefore, refrigeration heating is widely used in productionm scientific research and test and other fields. Refrigeration and heating system device is an induction heating equipment with high heating efficiency, fanst speed, low consumption, energy saving and environment protection for metal materials.

Refrigeration and heating system adopts unlti-function alarm system and safegy function, plate heat exchanger, pipe heater to improve the heating and cooling rate, so that the operation is more stable and safe.

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