The use maintenance method of laboratory thermal circulation system

LNEYA is specialized in the manufacturing, research and development and sales of laboratory thermal circulation system. Fourteen years of dedication has achieved the leading position in the industry. To provide customers with cooling and heating temperature control scheme and technical guidance, stable performance of the temperature control system. However, in order to have a longer service life, we need to know the following maintenance methods in daily use.

The manufacturer suggests to regularly check whether the fastening bolt of the power connection is loose, whether the high and low voltage values are normal, and whether the running current and insulation resistance of the compressor are normal. It is also very important that the drying filter and the lens are normal. If the filter outlet frosts, it shows that the filter is dirty and blocked, and the screen needs to be cleaned. If the lens has a humidity display and the colour turns red, the drying filter core needs to be replaced.


Whether the lubricating oil of the compressors is normal is also very important for the normal use of laboratory thermal circulation system. During the operation, if the oil level is lower than two-thirds of the oil mirror, lubricating oil should be added. If there is dirt or deterioration, replace the lubricating oil, clean or replace the oil filter, and replace the dry filter core at the same time.


LNEYA suggested that the laboratory thermal circulation system should be checked every three to six months after a long period of use, and the replacement should be decided according to the actual situation. The equipment uses a completely closed circulating pipeline, so the conducting oil will not leak or be contaminated. When replacing it, please pay attention to the foreign matter or water should not enter into the oil tank.


The manufacturer LNEYA reminds that is it is not necessary to use the laboratory thermal circulation system for the time being. It is recommended to clean up the remaining thermal oil in the pipeline, clean up and maintain the outside and place it in a dry place. Only after clean the interior, there is no impurities deposited in it. The equipment can be operated more efficiently when it is used again.

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