Intelligent thermal cycle system – the using attention points of general heating and cooling water bath

To ensure the normal operation of intelligent thermal cycle system after start-up, it is necessary to ensure that the condenser has good heat dissipation. Otherwise, the intelligent thermal cycle system high pressure maintenance device will be shut down due to the high condensation temperature and pressure, and even cause problems. The cold water in the evaporator should circulate. Otherwise the cold water temperature will be too low, resulting in cold water temperature maintenance device shut down. Or if the evaporation temperature and pressure are too low, the high-pressure maintenance devices of intelligent thermal cycle system will stop, or even cause the cold water in the evaporator to freeze and damage the equipment. It is necessary to pay attention that the machine should be shut down half and hour before the end of work and then shut down the cold water pump, which is conducive to saving power, prevent problems from stopping and maintaining the unit. It is necessary to make sure that the heating cycle pipe value are closed before running the refrigeration cycle.

Before starting the intelligent high temperature cycle system make sure in advance that the power supply of the unit and controller has been switched on, the cooling tower fan cooling water pump and cold water pump have been turned on and the end-coil unit has been powered on. Press the shape key on the keyboard to start, and than switch the switch on the keyboard to the position of on. The unit will conduct a self -check. After a few seconds, one compressor will start, and another compressor will start after the load increases. The unit starts and stops in accordance with the change of cooling load, which is the the temperature of chilled water supply and return.

The controller will monitor the oil pressure, motor current and other discrete parameters when the intelligent thermal cycle system is in normal operation. In case of any problem, the controller will take corresponding measures to maintain the equipment and display the fault information on the screen. Within the operating cycle of every 24 hours, there should be a special person to record the operating conditions of the unit at a fixed time.

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