Application scope of industrual chillers

Industrial water chiller is a refrigeration unit is a refrigeration unit that provides frozen water. It can provide frozen watger or chemical solution of -30 ~20 degrees according to the needs of users. It is especially suitable for electroplating, medicine, chemical, plastic, food additives and other production lines on the cooling and enterproses, institutions need centralized air conditioning or production process needs frozen water.

Chiller manufacturers can be used in supporting vacuum equipment. This kind of chiller also meets the needs of high quallity vacuum equipment, such as molecular pump, small vacuum coating machine, etc.

Chiller used in supporting medical laser equipment. This kind of chiller has unique characteristics of water treatment, which makes it an ideal choice of laboratory equipment for medical laser equipment.

Chiller can be used to matching expermental condensation equipmet. Such as rotary evaporator, distiller, condensing pipe, has the characteristics of temperature control, tmperature stability, high condensing efficiency, can effectively improve the recovery rate. At the same time, its fluid purification function, can avoid circulation pipe blockage, the prowth of microorganisms.

The chiller is used in supporting semiconduxtor laser equipment. Due to its special structure, semiconductor laser equipment requires higher water quality. Compared with the chillers produced by other chillers, industrial chillers have a wide range of applications. In addition to the refrigeration industrial water chiller is also widely used in electroplating, metallurgy, electronics, plastic, chemical industy and other industries, can see the extensive service of industrial water chiller. Because of its cross-industry use, so the industrial chillers use relatively large space.

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