Low pressure fault analysis of industrial chillers

The low pressure alarm of chillers and chillers is a common problem in the use of industrial chillers. There are several possible reasond for the failure.

1.  There is leakage in the refrigeration system.

When the control temperature f the normal temperature chller is above 5 degrees and the low pressure gauge is below 2 Bar, it means that the refrigerant is insufficient. Please immediately check whether there is any leakage in the pipeline of the refrigeration system. If it is found that the refrigerant leakage point will be in contact with water, please stop the unit immediately, discharge the water, and inform the maintenance personnel to deal with it. Avoid more serious damage when the compressor sucks water into the refrigeration system.

2.  Insufficient refrigerant charge in the refrigeration system of the chiller.

You can find the refrigeration maintenance personnel to add the corresponding refrigerant.

3.  Filter clogging

Filter can be removed and washed or replaced.

4.  Expansion valve opening too small.

Appropriately reduce the opening degree of exansion valve, after eliminatiion of the high and low pressure protection automatically reset.

5. An electrical failure caused a false alarm.

If the low voltage protection relay is short circult, contact is bad or damaged due to damp, unit electronic board is damp or damaged, and communication fault causes false alarm, please check the control circuit and corresponding electrical components.

6. The inlet water temperature of the evaporator is too low or the water passing through the evaporator is insufficient.

You can raise the set temperature or increase the water flow.

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