Maintenance of industrial chiller

In order to make the industrial water chiller play a better application, but also in order to improve the service life of the water chiller, in the process of using the equipment need to pay attention to some maintenance measures.

First, check whether the voltage of the industrial chiller is normal and intact, and record the operation data of the unit, including high pressure, running current, temperature control, etc. Check whether the oil level and oil temperature are normal every month, and whether the compressor has abnormal sound or abnormal vibration.

Second, the condenser and evaporator should be cleaned regularly every year. Water cooled industrial chiller also need to clean the cooling water tower, heat dissipation pipe, and check whether the water quality has become dirty or sundry if the water quality is too poor, water treatment should be done first. This can be conducive to the good operation of the equipment, but also can play a good role in extending the service life. In addition, industrial chillers are equipped with drying filters and expansion valves. When blockage is detected, it should be replaced in time.

Third, in the operation and use of the unit, it is not only necessary to check the refrigerant oil and lubricating oil system, but also to check whether the refrigerant quantity is in the nornal range. If there is a shourtage, it should be added to the specified rage in time.

Finally, when the industrial cold water is not in use for a long time, the water pump, compressor, cooling water tower, and the total power supply and other circuit switches should be turned off in time, and the unit should be covered to avoid dust or other debris.

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