The main uses of industrial chiller

Chiller is a kind of cooling water equipment which can provide constant temperaure, constant current and constant pressure. Industrial chiller can always output cold water lower than teh ambient temperature, can be directly cooled, can also be indirect heat exchange. Chiller can be used in injection mold cooling, improve the quality of plastic products. Vacuum coating cooling, control the temperature of vacuum coating machine, rapid cooling processing. Chemical industry, effective control of chemical temperature. Building cooling, concrete rapid cooling condensation, etc. Chiller has a wide range of applications.

For all kinds of machinery commonly used in the factory, due to the high precision requirements, it is necessary to use refrigeration to control the oil temperature of the oil pressure system of the machine, so as to stabilize the viscosity of the oil film, which is the normal operation of the unit. If the steel is treated at low temperature, not only the performance of the steel can be improved, but also the hardness and strength of the steel can be increased, and the service life of the workpiece can be extended.

At the same time, the pefroleum chemical industry, organic synthesis, the basic chemical separation, crystallization, concentration, liquefaction, control reaction temperature, etc., are inseparable from refrigeration.

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