The treatment method of chiller temperature is difficult to drop

As the temperature rises, or the frequency of use of the chiller is relatively high, it will cause the temperature of the chiller to be different to frop at a high level. If the service time of water-cooled chiller has reached more than half a year, then the operating temperature is too high, which is likely to be caused by the following factors.

First, the heat exchanger of the chiller itself is not cleaned in time, leading to more dirt. At this time, a comprehensive cleaning is needed, and regular cleaning is also required.

Sencond, there are problems in the refrigeration system of the chiller, such as the leakage of refrigerant. At this time, it is necessary to find out the leakage point, repair welding and refrigerant should be added in time to prevent the leakage from becoming more and more serious.

Third, pay attention to the operating environment of the chiller, which is very easy to be ignored. If the operating environment itself is relatively bad, such as high temperature, it will affect the normal work of the chiller.

Fourth, if the water source itself contains too many impurities, accumulated for a long time to stay in the pipeline between the various equipment of the chiller, resulting in smaller water flow, the temperature of the chiller is affected, so we should pay attention to the use of water quality.

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