Application of high dynamic temperature control system KRY series in the automotive field

With the continuous major progress in the research and development of new energy batteries, arousing widespread concern in the industry, new energy batteries help the rapid development of the new energy industry.

Power batteries are the key to the development of the new energy vehicle industry. Whoever masters the power battery technology will take the initiative in the new energy vehicle era. However, power battery R&D costs are high, technology density is high, and R&D technology conversion risk is high. These three high standards have brought huge challenges for enterprises to enter. However, power battery technology is far from mature, and there is even a dispute over technical routes; in view of the advantages and disadvantages of power battery performance directly affect the market application of electric vehicles and the acceptance of ordinary consumers, such as safety, energy density, power density, and lifespan And cost, which also determines whether power battery technology can achieve a qualitative breakthrough.

LNEYA chose to use power batteries as a breakthrough point to develop and produce new energy automotive component testing devices (new energy battery chillers, new energy material testing temperature control systems). Products are widely used in performance testing of motors and battery packs, and rapid heating and cooling thermal shock tests. , And suitable environmental adaptability evaluation test.

According to the person in charge of the project, it is only necessary to connect the test object to a test platform adapter; the inside of the component is cooled and heated by the glycol aqueous solution; the test component needs to experience a specific temperature change curve and record the temperature change. The temperature change range of the new energy battery chiller is usually from -40 to 100 degrees (expandable to 150 degrees). While controlling the temperature, you can also choose to control the flow or pressure; it is equipped with a powerful circulating pump to ensure high Viscosity liquid transportation; use frequency conversion adjustment or proportional adjustment valve to control flow output, realize high-precision control and total range adjustment.

On test benches in the automotive field, the KRY series of highly dynamic temperature control systems are used for material and component testing, enabling precise adjustment and rapid temperature changes. The temperature control system directly or indirectly provides a test platform for constant temperature or complex temperature curve through the liquid medium. In addition to the temperature of the medium, the temperature control system can also accurately control the flow and working pressure.

The KRY series conducts extensive verification in the development of wireless charging systems for electric vehicles, simulating charging equipment and cooling circuits in vehicles, and providing temperature-controllable water glycol in a short time. During the development of converters and inverters, these components must be tested under actual conditions and subjected to a wide temperature range. It can provide rapid temperature changes and simulate the vehicle’s cooling circuit or environmental impact.

Since its establishment, LNEYA has been focusing on the R&D and production of refrigeration, heating and temperature control systems, chillers, and freezers in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. The growth of the entire pharmaceutical and chemical industry has tended to be stable.

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