The role of temperature in industrial production and the purpose of LNEYA

We are quickly reminded of the importance of temperature control whenever we use our oven, thermostat, and water heater; so you know that other everyday items also depend on temperature control technologies. Many of the devices and products we use daily, including computer and cell phone, depend on liquid temperature control during the manufacturing process.

The cosmetic and fragrance industries, LED light manufacturers, and pharmaceutical and biotech industries use liquid temperature control equipment to ensure their products’ safety and stability. Automobile manufacturers use liquid temperature control to test numerous components found in your vehicle. Furthermore, the global positioning satellite makers wouldn’t be able to help you navigate your way through traffic if it weren’t for liquid temperature control. Where you know what you do has a significant impact, even if we don’t think about it very often.

LNEYA specialized in the Industrial Chiller, Industrial Refrigerator, Multi-reactor Chiller (TCU), Battery Motor/Semiconductor Temperature Testing System and Ultra-low Temperature Chiller. Used in pharmaceutical, aerospace, semiconductor, new energy automotive battery / motor and other industries. The temperature control range of the product is wide, and the -152°C~350°C can be perfectly realized.In particular, the high-precision temperature control of the reactor is an internationally advanced single medium control -90 °C ~ +250 °C continuous temperature control, and high precision linear control of the reactor material temperature.

We focus on solving customers’ wide temperature refrigeration, heating temperature control problems and reducing energy consumption in refrigeration and heating systems; provide competitive system solutions and services to continuously create greater value for customers.

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