The introduction of enclosed cycle thermal oil heater

Correct operation for the need to run the thermal oil heater is undoubtedly very important. The inlet and outlet flow, temperature and other aspects need be noticed during the running of the LNEYA thermal oil heater. Operating the device correctly is the best way to run it. If the inlet valve of the condenser on the unit is not closed before starting the equipment, it will cause water channeling.

A part of the cooling water flows away from the condenser without power on, reducing the cooling water flow in the condenser of the running unit, resulting in the rise of the condensing pressure, the increase of operating current of the main unit, the decrease of cooling capacity of the unit, or even the shutdown of the unit in serious cases. This not only waste of electricity and reduce the cooling effect, but also easy to damage the equipment.

Due to the wrong operation, the condensing pressure and cooling water outlet temperature of the thermal oil heater will increase. The operator may mistake it for insufficient cooling water and open the condenser inlet valve and cooling water outlet valve. Some also open cooling tower fans, resulting in increased power consumption of the water pump and cooling tower fans. Furthermore, opening a cooling water pump blindly. The electricity running in a pump is wasted although open the cooling water pump can reduce the cooling water temperature and condensing pressure.

The correct operation method of refrigeration system of thermal oil heater is closing the inlet valve of condensers which are not need to run before running the equipment to prevent channeling water. Then, open the inlet and outlet valve of condensers which will be ran. Turn on the corresponding cooling water pump and adjust the inlet and outlet pressure of the condenser to 68.6kPa (0.7Kg/cm). if the beat of gauge hand of condenser is too large, it means there is air in the water cooling system. The next operation needs to be carried out after the air us discharged and the pressure gauge pointer is normal. In operation, no matter how many sets of thermal oil heating units are opened, it is a cooling water pump to a host.

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