Maintenance points about using thermal cycle system

The thermal cycle system is currently used in the field of cooling and heating temperature control equipment. During using the equipment, some knowledge about maintenance need to be noticed.

The liquid medium should be added before using the thermal cycle system. Besides, the liquid medium should not be lower than the working platform. The thermal cycle system pump should be placed in a dry and ventilated place, and the back and sides should be 400mm away from the obstacles.

Before doing the test with the thermal cycle system, the water level of the reservoir must be checked not to be too high or too low. Otherwise, the water will overflow reservoir or too low will make the test cloth of the wet ball abnormal water absorption, affecting the accuracy of the wet ball. The water level should be kept about six percent full. The water level of the reservoir can be adjusted by the height of the water tank. The thermostat need to be checked and add water after about every two or three tests. You can see the water pipe in front to add water. When there is no water, the machine will alarm and stop working.

During the test of the thermal cycle system, the changes in the cabinet can be observed through the window to know the internal changes. If the thermal cycle system operates below 0 degree, the door of the cabinet should be avoided to open as far as possible. When during low temperature, opening the cabinet door will easily cause the internal evaporator and other parts of the ice phenomenon, the lower temperature the more serious situation. If it is necessary to open the door, the opening time should be minimized. When the thermal cycle system finishes low-temperature operation, be sure to set the room temperature condition so that the temperature in the cabinet is at room temperature when the machine is shut down, so as to avoid the freezing phenomenon caused by the low temperature in the box and the fog phenomenon of the window glass.

Maintenance can not be ignored in use. Pay attention to these points, in order to better use the thermal cycle system.

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