What are the specific application areas of cryogenic chillers?

In the process of improving products, due to the continuous heat generation of machinery, molds and industrial reactions, the product quality is unstable when the temperature exceeds the tolerance of the material. Take plastic products and electroplating production as an example: the cooling time in the production of plastic products accounts for 80% of the entire cycle %, and manufacturers often ignore this subtle and important factor. The frozen water can absorb the heat in time, so that the temperature of the mold cavity can be quickly reduced, accelerate the product setting, and shorten the opening surface. In the electroplating production, the frozen water can lower the temperature of the electroplating solution and keep the temperature constant within a certain range, so that the metal molecules quickly attach to the surface of the plated part with a stable current, so that the product is smooth and the density increases.

Industrial chillers are widely used in various industrial productions such as:

1. In the electroplating production of electroplating and machine tool cutting fluid cooling industry, the electroplating solution generates heat in the electroplating reaction, which gradually raises the temperature of the electroplating solution. When the temperature of the electroplating solution is higher than the requirements of the process, the electroplating produced The firmness, uniformity, flatness and surface finish of the coating on the surface of the product have a great influence. The frozen water machine (ice water machine) is used to freeze the electronic components during the production process. The components must be kept or cooled at a specific temperature before the performance parameters of the electronic components can be controlled in the design state. Water to cool and maintain the constant temperature of the plating solution will greatly improve the plating production process and production efficiency.

2. In the electronics industry, components must be kept or cooled at a specific temperature during the production process of electronic components so that the performance parameters of the electronic components can be controlled in the designed state.

3. Pharmaceutical industry, the pharmaceutical industry is mainly used to control the temperature and humidity of the production workshop and to bring out the reaction heat during the production of raw materials.

4. Whether plastic products (TVs, mobile phones, refrigerators, air conditioners, automotive plastic parts, etc.), cable jackets, and tire industry injection molding processes can be effectively and timely cooled (cooled) will directly affect the appearance of the product. And the appearance qualification rate, which affects the consumption efficiency, affects the cost of consumption and corporate profits. The consumption of plastic containers (blow bottles) and packaging films is even more inseparable from the freezer. Such as the use of cold water (wind) provided by the freezer to cool, not only can greatly improve product quality, but also improve consumption efficiency.

5. The chemical (study) industry is mainly used for cooling and cooling of chemical reaction kettles (chemical heat exchangers) to remove the huge heat generated by chemical reactions in time to achieve the purpose of cooling (cooling) and to improve product quality.

The low evaporating temperature of LNEYA low-temperature industrial chiller can reach -150℃, its advantages are: independent cooling, no loss, low operating cost, as long as the supply of power and cooling water is ensured, the reliable operation of the unit can be guaranteed; the degree of automation of the unit Higher, using “one-button” operation. The disadvantages are: the initial investment is relatively high; the necessary daily operations and maintenance are required.

Low-temperature industrial chillers provide a cooling source through the refrigerant system. The refrigerant is always liquid during the cooling process, making full use of the heat exchange area of ​​the heat exchange coils in the reaction station. The heat exchange efficiency is high and the cooling process is even and stable .

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