Air cooled low temp. chiller features


Characteristics of air-cooled low-temperature chiller
Low temperature chiller is a special chiller designed for special low temperature environment. Its supercooling capacity can be used to provide reliable guarantee for food preservation in hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and other commercial places, large-scale refrigerated meat, seafood freezing, refrigeration, ice making, food processing freezing / refrigeration, pharmaceutical, chemical and other low-temperature environments.
1. The product range is very wide, including three series of high temperature (outlet temperature 35 ℃), medium temperature (outlet temperature -60 ℃) and low temperature (outlet temperature -150 ℃).
2. The structure is highly optimized. The heat exchanger plate is used to support the main body. The structure is simple, compact and practical.
3. The perfect combination of high quality screw compressor + best quality and high efficiency heat exchanger, the energy efficiency ratio is up to 4.5.
4. Four-level or stepless capacity control, precisely match the load changes.
Characteristics of water source heat pump hot water unit
1. The unit has reasonable design, compact structure, beautiful appearance, small size and small footprint;
2. Energy saving and environmental protection, while providing customers with industrial cold water, it can also provide a large amount of free sanitary hot water, increase the cooling capacity during the operation of the thermal system, improve energy utilization, and recover up to 30-80% of the cooling capacity;
3. Low operating costs, improve unit efficiency, improve working conditions, and save unit operating costs;
4. The characteristics of safety and reliability, relatively constant water temperature and body temperature, make the heat pump unit run more reliable and more stable, ensure the efficiency and economy of the system, and do not require special maintenance or operation, and the operation and maintenance costs are extremely low;
5. Reliability: stable performance, low noise, long service life, heat recovery technology reduces the burden on the equipment and reduces the failure rate.
6. Intelligent control, fully automatic microcomputer control, remote or centralized management can be achieved without manual monitoring

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