What is the cause of low pressure alarm of industrial chiller compressor?

Question: what is the cause of low pressure alarm of industrial chiller compressor?


  1. Insufficient refrigerant for industrial chiller. Solution: leak hunting. Is there a leak in the pipe connector? Fill refrigerant after repair.
  2. The filter unit of the industrial chiller is blocked. Solution: remove or replace the filter unit.
  3. The copper pipe of the cooler of industrial chiller has many scaling, reduced pipe diameter and poor heat dissipation of heat pipe. Solution: clean the copper pipe of cooler.
  4. Industrial chiller expansion valve opens too small. Solution: after the automatic calibration of high and low pressure maintenance is removed, the opening degree of expansion valve is reduced moderately.
  5. The common low-voltage fault of chiller is that the inlet pressure of refrigerating compressor is too low, resulting in low-voltage maintenance of automobile relay position. At room temperature, the standard value of the pressure of compressor should be 0.3~0.45map, and the maintenance value should be 0.2mpa.


The common cause of low voltage alarms in industrial chillers is the leakage of refrigerant in the system software. If the leakage is located in the place where the water will be touched by the water storage tank or evaporator, it is likely to cause the cooling effect to decrease ant the system software to leak, causing the damage of the refrigeration compressor. Therefore, when the unit has a common low-voltage fault alarm, it must be identified as soon as possible and solve the common fault.

As the refrigeration unit in the production and processing of important links have strict management, so to ensure that each stage must do cleaning solution is essential. However, most chiller manufacturers purchase components and then assemble them, so it is inevitable that some system software is not pure. In severe cases, the software of system will becomes clogged, so chiller manufacturers install “filters” in their chiller units to take the residue out of the software of system. When a certain level of residue accumulates in the pipeline of the refrigerating unit, the filter device will be blocked, which will harm the system software refrigerant and common failures of low voltage occur in severe cases.


  1. When the refrigerant leaks or is insufficient: After stating up, the working pressure of the ultra-low temperature chiller is lower, and the working pressure of the exhaust pipe is also lower. When the refrigeration compressor operates, the electric flow is smaller, which will lead to the low-voltage alarm of the unit.
  2. When the water yield is insufficient: After the circulation pump is turned on, check whether there is gas in the water system software or whether there is less water in the water system software. If there is gas, the exhaust pipe of the unit should be developed. If there is little water, check whether the pipeline is blocked or the permeability of the working capacity us limited, then the pipeline and filter must be cleaned.
  3. The pipe of refrigerant is not flowing properly: Refrigerant is sufficient, but expansion valve opens over small or blocked. At this time should check the expansion valve to start everything is normal.
  4. Common failures of household appliances: Check whether the low voltage overload protector or controller is suffering from loose, moisture return, short circuit fault or damage. This condition can also lead to low-voltage maintenance alarm. At this time, the low voltage overload protector or controller must be service and replaced.

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