Chemical industrial liquid closed temperature circulator


LNEYA liquid closed temperature circulator  is also called dynamic temperature control system, which can carry out a separate refrigeration and heating process. The compressor is used directly when cooling at high temperature, which avoids the occurrence of incrustation and leads to poor heat transfer of the system. Without electronic or mechanical valves are used for media switching, extending the service time of the system.

During the chemical industrial liquid closed temperature circulator, the refrigeration is consist of compressor, evaporator, expansion valve, electrical control system and condenser. During, the control system is used for refrigeration control. And the compressed refrigerant is used for gas-liquid conversion, so as to absorb the heat of the medium and convert it into the refrigerating medium, so as to realize the function of refrigeration. You also need know about the heating part.


The heating part of chemical liquid closed temperature circulator is composed of control system, heating device and circulating pump. The control system realizes the temperature detection through the temperature sensing device, and then transmits the signal, which is heated by the microcomputer board. The heat transfer medium and be heated up and transferred to the device that needs heating. LNEYA liquid temperature circulator can be used to achieve heating control and steadily increase the temperature.


LNEYA liquid closed temperature circulator adopts dynamic temperature control technology. And real-time temperature information will be transmitted at the temperature measurement points at the inlet and outlet of liquid and material. When the temperature difference is large, the control system will immediately release an exothermic and endothermic reaction, and control the temperature of the heat-conducting medium within 0.1 degrees. Using a single thermal medium can achieve temperature control system with wide range of from -120 degrees to 300 degrees. And a single compressor refrigeration technology can reach -150 degrees, and the volume is smaller, easier to lift and put.


Only when enterprise users understand the working principle of the equipment can make a better choice, whether it is the performance comparison of the manufacturer or the equipment.

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