The caution of laboratory thermal circulation system

As the continuous development of the industry, the demand of laboratory thermal cycle system in the industry is increase. LNEYA laboratory thermal cycle system for the domestic industry is well known to the public, the quality is more reliable.

Any equipment must be understood its installation requirements before installing. Basically the connection way of each electric equipment line has certain difference. When installing the laboratory thermal cycle system, the first thing to notice is not to connect multiple devices  in series to a single voltmeter. Because virtually every device in the plant requires a high voltage, a failure of one device can affect the use of equipment on the entire circuit. When the circuit is in urgent repair, it will also affect the speed of troubleshooting because of too much equipment. At the same time, the circuit in series will be too many equipment to share the entire voltage, resulting in the failure to meet the voltage requirements of the testing machine, thus affecting the operation of the thermal cycle system.


The gauze can be removed when the laboratory thermal cycle system only does dynamic temperature test. After the gauze is taken off, check its water absorption first. If the water absorption is normal, put it in a clean place and wait for the next use. If the gauze cannot absorb water, it can be directly replaced with a new gauze. In another case, the laboratory thermal cycle system is operated at a temperature of more than 80 degrees, and the gauze forget to be taken off. At this point, the gauze can be removed for cleaning after the work of the laboratory thermal cycle system. Please using hand washing when cleaning, because the gauze material can not be pulled, the gauze will be deformed can not be used after machine washing. It is not only conducive to equipment heat dissipation, but also can be better for next dry humidity test.


No matter what brand of laboratory thermal cycle system is used, the use of points of attention is much the same. A good understanding before use will bring great benefits to the use of the equipment.

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