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When the user operates the LNEYA cooling circulation system, different operating habits may cause the failure of the evaporator of the intelligent cooling circulation system to some extent due to different operating environments. So what are the issues that need to be addressed and what can be done about the failure?

Surface coking of heater in intelligent cooling cycle system

During the operation of the evaporator of the intelligent cooling cycle system, the interruption of material supply, the sudden increase of heating vapor pressure or the sudden change of operating conditions may cause the heated surface to become seriously coking. If the heating steam valve is not closed before stopping, the vacuum will be damaged and the liquid level of the material will drop, which will cause the heating surface to be exposed and coking. In normal operation, if the input quantity is less than the sum of the output quantity and the evaporated water, the normal operating material level will not be maintained, so that the heating surface will be exposed and coking.

The vacuum of evaporator of intelligent refrigeration cycle system is too high

The high vacuum of the evaporator may be due to the excessively low inlet water temperature of the cooling water. The high vacuum of the evaporator increases the effective temperature difference between the heating steam and the material boiling point, which is beneficial to increase the heat transfer and speed up the evaporation rate. However, as the latent heat of vaporization of secondary steam increases with the increase of vacuum degree, the consumption of steam increases accordingly.

The second reason may be that the pressure used to heat the steam is too low or the condensed water drainage is not free due to the blockage of the steam separator, resulting in serious water accumulation in the heater, resulting in insufficient steam flow and greatly reduced evaporation rate. In addition, if the quality of the heating steam is poor or the heat preservation of the steam pipeline is poor in cold weather, the water in the heater is serious, which makes the heat transfer difficult and the vacuum degree is too high.

In addition, the evaporator of the intelligent cooling cycle system needs to be cleaned regularly to prevent the clogging of the pipeline from affecting the operation.

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